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Grounded in Spirit

Bonnie Karen Carter

Bonnie KaBren Carter




      EXPECT TO:

  •      Be energetically aligned, feel peaceful and calm

  •      Feel balanced and integrated

  •      Be deeply relaxed and in tune with yourself 

  •      Experience Universal Life-Force

When you are connected to your Heart, you  resonate with and attract the best for you.

Bonnie Carter is an acupressure-massage therapist with an energy-based practice. ​

She is a conductor and transmitter of Life-Force. Her focus is to stimulate the natural

self-organizing and harmonizing processes for restorative health. 


Bonnie is a Professional member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

     She is a teacher, artist, author and active member of a spiritual community.              

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Logan Square

Chicago, IL


Bonnie Carter

(773) 729-0109


Grounded In Spirit