Grounded in Spirit

Bonnie Carter



     Bonnie is a conductor and transmitter of Life Force.  Her talents have always shined through the Asian principle of Qi flow and through metaphysical or energetic applications of 'moving energy' in the bodymind.  She acts as a receiver, reflecting back to her clients what is going on with them.  Bonnie has a rare gift of being able to show others how their problems are wonderful opportunities.  

By working with limitations, she assists clients to befriend those structures into fresh adaptations.  She does this with realism and humor, balancing seriousness with lightness.  Bonnie is looking for those people who want to grow in their personal development and for those who are in transition, requiring redirection and a new orientation.

     Bonnie is the owner of Grounded in Spirit.  She holds a massage therapy license (LMT) and a membership with Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.  She is an active participant in a spiritual community and is deeply involved in a death and dying ministry for over 15 years.  Bonnie is a published author who holds workshops in her method of capturing and drawing personal healing patterns from the Morphic Field of Radiant Healing.