I invite you to be Grounded in your Spirit  

Grounding your Spirit is an education about you and about your relationship to yourself.  

It invokes the question, "Do I like my life?"  

Live your fullest life;  leading from your heart and with full expression of your highest purpose.


How we approach that

We increase life-force flow with acupressure-massage and Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics.  

The therapy deeply relaxes, restores and balances you as a transformative process integrates the physical, etheric and emotional bodies.

We engage in an inquiry method from Dr. Bradley Nelson's, The Emotion Code.  This format identifies and releases emotions and beliefs that serve your positive growth.  The method increases self-awareness             and facilitates self-understanding about how you are living your life.               

 What benefits to expect  

  • Flow - sensitizing you to life-force increases harmony, balance and adaptability 

  • Lightening up - function and operate in greater capacity when you receive the proper nourishment on the different levels

  • Self-expression - emerges as your life-force increases

  • Attunement - step into a higher vibration of you that can align you closer to your heart's desire

At Grounded in Spirit

practical       innovative       humorful       team support       wholeheartedness

enriching       empowering       refreshing       orienting to your true and desired direction

This is what you will find here.

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