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  • Bonnie Karen Carter

Below is the story of the Fractal Pattern seen on the Home Page

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

In the Spring of 2017 I attended an animal fair in Arlington Heights, IL. There I met the director of a primate animal sanctuary. The sanctuary rehabilitates baboons retired from traumatic owner-ship and laboratory service. (The name of the sanctuary and the baboon will remain private for the purpose of client confidentiality.)

After listening to the director share their challenges of recovery from abuse and neglect, my heart broke. With years of experience reading people and animals remotely, I was naturally poised to help. Immediately, I offered to do so. The director assigned me a particular baboon who was "in bad shape" trying to emotionally adjust to his new life. That week I began my work with him which lasted several months.

During every remote connection, I felt this baboon's trauma as palpably as if I was hit over the head with a baseball bat. I cringed and cried. During one session there appeared an unexpected fantastical occurrence...

As I directed focused attention with my hands toward the baboon's photo, I felt and saw with my physical eyes an active, dynamic force transmitting from my palms. I could only describe it as a powerful, multicolored, multi-dimensional pattern that felt like waves of loving change. This form or image was so exquisite and powerful, my emotions overcame me. I dared not get in its way. I was intrigued and needed to know if this was a singular event or is something larger going on.

I allowed myself to explore. The dimensional pattern proved to be a healing tool gifted to me to help others. I knew this in my heart and gut. Definitely, I received confirmation of relief for the baboon.

Previous to this there were numerous revelations in my healing career. But this was different, steps beyond. It was obvious this gift of patterned Light was the new way to work with clients. But how was the understanding and application going to unfold? What is my role going to be in that process? I decided to take it on.

Meanwhile I was using myself as a laboratory to answer questions as they showed up. I asked, how do they form, or do they form? Are the energetic patterns coming through my subjective lens? I wanted to know the content delivered and what the healing properties were. Research led me to biology and mathematics. I recorded information as an amateur scientist might to satisfy my intellect and I also checked in with my mystical side.

I was moved to capture their beauty on paper with gel pens. Each drawing was uniquely different from the previous one that emerged. The art structures were coming into my con-

sciousness often and quickly. Based on research and experience, I chose the names fractal repatterning and fractal healing codes. Based upon the transcriptions I chose the titles.

I was on my way...

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