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  • Bonnie Karen Carter

Does the healing code on the Home page have meaning?

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

This post shares my findings of the meaning of the fractal healing code on the Home page

I was reading the book whose cover is the photo on the right more than two years without ever registering the art image on the cover. The colored pen drawing next to the print on the cover is also about two years old. Do you notice the uncanny similarity between the two? What I discovered is they are not different from one another.

One day while looking at the cover of the book, I 'got it'. The illustration on the book cover is a depiction of my artistic drawing and vice-versa. The print is actually a well known Taoist road map and the colorful pen drawing is my Master Fractal healing pattern that I imagined from the Morphic Field of Radiant Healing.

What is the Treasure embedded within the Taoist map on the book cover?

The stele print on the right is an engraving dated 1886. It was copied from a silk scroll located in the library of a 13th century temple. What I learned is the map is not merely a two dimensional road trip map but is considered a three dimensional road map that when traveled can change your life. The book states it is a journey of the potential development and growth of a human's incarnation - the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects.

The Nei Jing Tu means Inner Landscape Map. It depicts unity between relationship of the human body and the cosmos; and unity within the body and its inner functions throughout ones lifetime. It is also an illustrated metaphorical blueprint of the Eight Extraordinary Flows or energetic channels, including directions through these channels to realize The Inner Landscape. This is the Treasure to be found.

The Eight Extraordinary Flows are dear to me. From my first introduction I felt a deep attraction and intuitive understanding of their unique wholistic role. By studying and applying the Flows in my bodywork sessions all these years, I unconsciously internalized them. Just like the Law states, we become what we meditate on. The artistic drawing you see on the left is a healing tool. It is the physical expression and result of the internalization and integration. This is my conclusion.

There is more correlation here. The energies depicted in the fractal patterns and the Map are artistic representations. When gazed or meditated upon I am maintaining that the Fractal healing pattern energetically holds and delivers the same developmental relationship of cosmic and human nature that The Inner Landscape Map holds and intends. Between the anecdotal experiences I am collecting and being the scientist, all will be revealed.

As a healer, I am a conduit of the Life Force through my perceptual lens, my heart and my body. When I was applying fractal codes during healing sessions, transformations for the client occurred as needed in a harmonious and organic manner. The patterns revealed themselves to me as a gift to help others. They continue to be remarkable tools, consistently surprising and delighting. I invite you to share this experience with me.

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